Southern Arizona Genealogy Society
State of Arizona
Land acquired through the 1854 Gadsden Purchase, between the United States and Mexico, defined the southern most portion of Arizona.
Welcome to SAGS!
It's all new . . . and it's all good!
Welcome to the Southern Arizona Genealogy Society. We start our renewed Society with the wisdom and traditions obtained from 43 years as the successful Green Valley Genealogical Society. Our new name, logo, and motto, express the excitement we want to share with all our southern Arizona neighbors about genealogy, family history, educational opportunities, and our award-winning genealogy library.
Discover Your Ancestors with the Southern Arizona Genealogy Society!

Virtural Genealogy Events
Many genealogy societies and libraries across the U.S. are offering webinars, meetings, and other online events, and welcoming genealogists everywhere to attend. Events listed below can keep you on the genealogy road -- and they are free! If you've never attended an online meeting or event before, now might be a good time to take a dip into the virtual world of genealogy. 
Tuesday June 30th – 2:30 PM (Eastern Time)
Finding & Using State Census Records
A free Zoom webinar from the Genealogy Center at ACPL presented by Delia Cothrun Bourne. Some states and territories took a census to count the number of residents or to answer other questions vital to the state's operations. While not all of these state enumerations survived, those that did can offer substitutes for missing federal census, additional information between the federal census years, and answer questions not included on the federal census. Register in advance for this program using this link –
Wednesday, July 1st – 2:00 PM (Eastern Time)
Finding a Father for Molly Using DNA
A free Legacy Family Tree webinar, featuring Jill Morelli.
Oral tradition told the story; DNA identifiedd the father. This case study illustrates using matches on Ancestry & GEDmatch to narrow the number of candidates, developing and implementing a targeted testing plan, hypothesis development and using documentary evidence to support the conclusion. To register for this event use this link –
Monday, July 6th thru Friday, July 10th
National Archives Event:  Virtural Genealogy Camp for Kids (ages 12 and up)
This free, virtual week of camp will introduce the basics of genealogy research and how to use the resources of the National Archives to become history detectives. A great event if the kids in your family are curious about genealogy!
Visit the National Archives' Facebook page for more info by clicking HERE – or click this link to REGISTER.

Status update on SAGS meetings 
  • With the recent COVID-19 upticks, we are currently evaluating the best way to move forward with regular SAGS meetings as well as SIG meetings, etc., in the Fall. Please continue to check our website for updates.
  • The Green Valley-Sahuarita Genealogy Library continues to be closed until further notice. If you have a book on loan, keep it safe and plan for its return when the library re-opens.

August 9
IAJGS 40th International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
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September 2
Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) National Conference
Plan to join fellow history enthusiasts for this conference in the heart of America! Hosted by FGS in cooperation with sponsoring local societies, corporate sponsors, ...