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Land acquired through the 1854 Gadsden Purchase, between the United States and Mexico, defined the southern most portion of Arizona.
2014 Articles
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Give Your Genealogist a Merry Christmas (pub date: 12/07/2014)
New Year's Traditions Have a Long History (pub date: 12/21/2014)
The Rest of the Story (pub date: 11/09/2014)
Google Your Ancestors (pub date: 11/23/2014)
Genealogy Is Never Boring (pub date: 10/12/2014)
Haste Leads to Poor Conclusions (pub date: 10/26/2014)
Decisions, Decisions (pub date: 9/14/2014)
Genealogy Scores on TV This Month (pub date: 9/28/2014)
Shorpy, A Nostalgic Treasure (pub date: 8/03/2014)
Genealogy Program Update (pub date: 8/17/2014)
Book Lovers Love Books (pub date: 8/31/2014)
The End Is Near ... For Microfilm, That Is (pub date: 7/06/2014)
Genealogy's Popularity Continues to Grow (pub date: 7/20/2014)
Finding Those Irish Ancestors (pub date: 6/08/2014)
Genealogists' Declaration of Rights (pub date: 6/22/2014)
Aging and Longevity (pub date: 5/11/2014)
Epidemics & Disease in America (pub date: 5/25/2014)
Blogs, Blogs & More Blogs (pub date: 4/13/2014)
Write Your Own Obituary Before It's Too Late (pub date: 4/27/2014)
The Internet and Your Will (pub date: 3/02/2014)
Ohio Eases Adoption Laws (pub date: 3/16/2014)
Another Happy Adoption Tale (pub date: 3/30/2014)
Toppling Brick Walls With Ease (pub date: 2/04/2014)
Research Aids for Ulster-Scots (pub date: 2/16/2014)
It's Never Too Late to Begin... (pub date: 1/05/2014)
Choose Your Ancestor? (pub date: 1/19/2014)