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Land acquired through the 1854 Gadsden Purchase, between the United States and Mexico, defined the southern most portion of Arizona.
2016 Articles
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About That Birthday (pub date: 12/04/2016)
Christmas Without Toys? (pub date: 12/18/2016)
Thanksgiving & The Pilgrims (pub date: 11/13/2016)
GVGS 40th Anniversary (pub date: 10/16/2016)
Where Did Summer Go? (pub date: 10/30/2016)
The Ashtabula Railroad Disaster (pub date: 9/04/2016)
Changing Reading Habits (pub date: 9/25/2016)
Genealogical Writing Contests (pub date: 8/07/2016)
Are Genealogy Societies Dying? (pub date: 8/21/2016)
The History of American Genealogy (pub date: 7/10/2016)
Anne Marbury Hutchinson (pub date: 7/24/2016)
The Importance of Cousins (pub date: 6/12/2016)
Another King Buried Beneath a Parking Lot (pub date: 6/26/2016)
Plagiarism and Genealogy (pub date: 5/01/2016)
Changing Face of Genealogy (pub date: 5/15/2016)
Heredis Genealogy Program (pub date: 5/30/2016)
Has Your Line Daughtered Out? (pub date: 4/03/2016)
Rebels, Ruffians and Renegades (pub date: 4/17/2016)
One of Ireland's Great Patriots (pub date: 3/13/2016)
Photo Organization Made Easy (pub date: 2/14/2016)
Our Common Ancestor (pub date: 1/10/2016)
Cancer Study Looks at Twins (pub date: 1/31/2016)