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State of Arizona
Land acquired through the 1854 Gadsden Purchase, between the United States and Mexico, defined the southern most portion of Arizona.
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  929.1 G925 fhL * *NEW* Research Outline: Ireland Family History Library, Salt Lake City
View Record  941 D27db *NEW* Scottish Genealogy Durie, Bruce
View Record  977.865 D25s *NEW* St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly - 2004 vol37 no 1-4; 2005 vol 38 no 1-4; 2006 vol 39 no 1-4; 2007 vol 40 no 1-4; 2008 vol 41 no 1-4; 2009 vol 42 no 1-4; 2010 vol 43 no 1-4; 2011 vol 44 no 1-4; 2012 vol 45 no 1-4; 2013 vol 46 no 1-4; 2014 vol 47 no 1-4; 2015 vol 48 no 1-4; 2016 vol 49 no 1-4; 2017 vol 50 no 1-4; 2018 vol 51 no 1-4; 2019 vol 52 no 1-2; (62 periodicals) St. Louis Genealogical Society
View Record  948.5 H2sc *NEW* Sweden, The Nation's History Scott, Franklin D.
View Record  977.6 F2a *NEW* Swedes in the Twin Cities : Immigrant Life and Minnesota's Urban Frontier Anderson, Philip J. and Blanck, Dag
View Record  929.273 B33 pt1 *NEW* The Ancestry of An American Family part 1 Blaylock, Katherine Denney
View Record  929.273 B33 pt2 *NEW* The Ancestry of An American Family part 2 Blaylock, Katherine Denney
View Record  973 F26s *NEW* The Black 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential African-Americans, Past and Present Salley, Columbus
View Record  929.273 C23tr *NEW* The Carrell Ten Tilden, Ruth
View Record  970.3 C861hh *NEW* The Creek War of 1813 and 1814 Halbert, H. S. and Ball, T. H.
View Record  973 E3La *NEW* The Fabric of America : How our Borders and Boundaries Shaped the Country and Forged our National Identity Linklater, Andro
View Record  941.6 H2cwh *NEW* The Impact of the Domestic Linen Industry in Ulster Crawford, W. H.
View Record  975.533 K2p *NEW* The Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Virginia from 1653 to 1812 Colonial Dames of America 1897
View Record  973 W2uj *NEW* The Plains Across : The Overland Emigrants and the Trans-Mississippi West, 1840-60 Unruh, John D.
View Record  973 F2nr *NEW* The Sloggers, Their Ancestry and Posterity: The Story of the People on the Norwegian Mayflower - The Sloop, Restoration Rosdail, J. Hart
View Record  942 D47k *NEW* The Surnames Handbook: A Guide to Family Name Research in the 21st century Kennett, Debbie
View Record  929.273 G15h *NEW* The World Book of Ganders Halbert's Family Heritage
View Record  973 Y023h *NEW* The Yankee Exodus: An Account of Migration from New England Holbrook, Stewart H.
View Record  977.6581 D25sg *NEW* Tidningen, A quarterly periodical (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004 Summer & Autumn; 18 periodicals) Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota
View Record  921.73 H334hy *NEW* To The Land of Gold and Wickedness: the 1848-59 Dairy of Lorena L. Hays Watson, Jeanne Hamilton
View Record  942 A5p *NEW* Tracing Your Ancestors in the Public Record Office Cox, Jane and Padfield, Timothy
View Record  940 D27Q *NEW* Tracing Your European Roots Quillen, W. Daniel
View Record  941.5 D27a *NEW* TracingYour Irish Family History Adolph, Anthony
View Record  975.5 H2L *NEW* Virginia Ghosts Lee, Marguerite Dupont
View Record  973 W2ba *NEW* Voyagers to the West: A Passage In the Peopling of America on the Eve of the Revolution Bailyn, Bernard
View Record  975.4 N2r *NEW* West Virginia Revolutionary Ancestors : Whose Services Were Non-military and Whose Names, Therefore, do Not Appear in Revolutionary Indexes of Soldiers and Sailors Reddy, Anne Waller
View Record  974.461 H2sd *NEW* Witches, Rakes and Rogues: True Stories of Scam, Scandal, Murder and Mayhem in Boston, 1630-1775 Simons, D. Brenton
View Record  974.7 V2bfq 10,000 Vital Records of Eastern New York, 1777-1834 Bowman, Fred Q.
View Record  974.7 V2b 10,000 Vital Records of Western New York 1809-1850 Bowman, Fred Q.
View Record  973 C4es 100 Years of Eagle Scouts: Where Are They Now? National Eagle Scout Association
View Record  929.1 D27nj * 101 Best Genealogy Research Tips Nickerson, Janice
View Record  974 X2c 1671 Census of the Delaware Craig, Peter Stebbins
View Record  974.62/W2 H2r 1775, Wethersfield Enters the Revolution Reynolds, Ronna L.
View Record  974.62/W2 H2rr 1776-1783, Wethersfield in the Revolution Reynolds, Ronna L.
View Record  975.2 X2p 1778 1778 Census of Maryland Carothers, Bettie Stirling
View Record  975.2 R4c v.1 1783 Tax List of Maryland Part I: Cecil, Talbot, Harford and Calvert Counties Carothers, Bettie
View Record  974.882 X2zk 1783 tax lists and the 1790 federal census for Washington County, Pennsylvania Zinsser, Katherine K.; Bell, Raymond Martin
View Record  977.197 X2w 1820 1820 Athens County, Ohio Census Whiteman, Jane
View Record  977.2 X2he 1820 Federal Census for Indiana Heiss, Willard C.
View Record  977.197 X2w 1830 1830 Athens County, Ohio Census Whiteman, Jane
View Record  977.197 X2w 1850 1850 Athens County, Ohio Census Whiteman, Jane
View Record  975.26 X28r 1860 Census of Baltimore City, 1st and 2nd Wards Reamy, Bill and Martha
View Record  975.682 X2p 1860 1860 Census, Wilkes County, North Carolina Moore,┬áR. Ivey; Sebastian, Samuel; Absher, W. O., Mrs.
View Record  976.6 X2e v.1 1900 1900 U. S. Census of the Cherokee Indian Nation, Indian Territory vol 1 Ellsworth, Carol & Emler, Sue
View Record  973 X23f 1930 * 1930 Federal Population Census: Catalog of National Archives Microfilm National Archives & Records Admin.
View Record  977.138 H2a 19th Century Voices of Trumbull County, Ohio 2nd edition Allison, Grave Calvin
View Record  929.1072 F586 500 Brickwall Solutions to Genealogy Problems Family Chronicle Mag
View Record  974.7 V2bo 7000 Hudson-Mohawk Valley, (NY), Vital Records, 1808-1850 Bowman, Fred Q.; Lynch, Thomas J.
View Record  929.1 P871dm A Beginner's Guide to Online Genealogy : Learn How to Trace Your Family History and Discover Your Roots Dunn, Michael
View Record  976.7 D3hb A Brief History of Early Bethesda Driskill, Glen; Driskill, Barbara
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Records: 51 to 100 of 2353