Southern Arizona Genealogy Society
State of Arizona
Land acquired through the 1854 Gadsden Purchase, between the United States and Mexico, defined the southern most portion of Arizona.
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View Record  977.2253 B38r *NEW* Selected News Items from the Brown County Democrat Newspaper of Genealogical Interest of Family Researchers 1930-1956 Reeve, Helen H.
View Record  929.1 Sm54s *NEW* Social Networking for Genealogists Smith, Drew
View Record  929.273 B147a v.1 *NEW* Some Descendants of Orlando Bagley of Amesbury, Massachussetts volume 1 Bagley, Timothy W., Norton Russell and Anderson, Martha Bagley
View Record  929.273 B147a v.2 *NEW* Some Descendants of Orlando Bagley of Amesbury, Massachussetts volume 2 Bagley, Timothy W., Norton Russell and Anderson, Martha Bagley
View Record  973 A3caf *NEW* Substitutes for Vital Records Second Edition Carter, Fran
View Record  973 D22cg *NEW* Surname Index to Sixty-Five Volumes of Colonial and Revolutionary Pedigrees Crowther III, George Rodney
View Record  973 H62e *NEW* Tales Behind the Tombstones: The Deaths and Burial of the Old West's Most Nefarious Outlaws, Notorious Women, and Celebrated Lawmen Enss, Chris
View Record  873 C44 2005 *NEW* The Ancestor Roster: A Cameo of the Ancestors of the Colonia Dames Seventeenth Century 1915-2005 Colonial Dames Seventeenth Century
View Record  973 R47c *NEW* The Beginners Guide to Using Tax Lists Carroll, Cornelius
View Record  974.796 Ac* *NEW* The Canals of New York State American Canal Society
View Record  929.1 W893LL *NEW* The Complete Guide to Scanning and Digital Imagery Ledden, Larry
View Record  929.273 M952a *NEW* The Daniel Washington Murphy Family of Jasper County, Iowa 1841-1977 McMeen, Lola Frances Murphy
View Record  940 D27d *NEW* The Family Tree Guidebook to Europe: Your Essential Guide to Trace Your Genealogy in Europe Dolan, Allison
View Record  911.4 D7a *NEW* The Family Tree Historical Maps Book Europe: A Country-by-Country Atlas of European History 1700s-1900s Dolan, Allison
View Record  973 H2bd *NEW* The Gentle Tamers: Women of the Old West Brown, Dee
View Record  975.255/M1 H2m *NEW* The History of Mayo, Maryland Mullins, Caroline L. Britt
View Record  977 M25n *NEW* The Iron Brigade Nolan, Alan T.
View Record  929.1028 D27cf *NEW* The Mysteries of Time Lines Carter-Walker, Fran
View Record  929.102 Hss *NEW* The Unofficial Guide to Online Genealogy: For When You Want More Than the Official Line! Hahn, Pamela Rice and Mathew Helm, John Scroggins, Tim Stowell
View Record  974.4 D2a *NEW* The Winthrop Fleet: Massachusetts Bay Company Immigrants to New England 1629-1630 Anderson, Robert Charles
View Record  942 D27fsi *NEW* Tracing Your First World War Ancestors Fowler, Simon
View Record  973 A3cw *NEW* W.P.A : Works Progress Administration Surveys, Guides, Inventories, City-Town-County-State-National Carter-Walker, Fran
View Record  973 D27kme *NEW* Walking With Your Ancestors: A Genealogist's Guide to Using Maps and Geography Kashuba, Melinda
View Record  974 P4b *NEW* Warning Out in New England 1656-1817 Benton, Josiah Henry
View Record  973 V37c *NEW* Your Guide to Cemetery Research Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo
View Record  974.7 V2bf 10,000 Vital Records of Central New York, 1813-1850 Bowman, Fred Q
View Record  974.7 V2bfq 10,000 Vital Records of Eastern New York, 1777-1834 Bowman, Fred Q.
View Record  974.7 V2b 10,000 Vital Records of Western New York 1809-1850 Bowman, Fred Q.
View Record  973 C4es 100 Years of Eagle Scouts: Where Are They Now? (located off-site; ask volunteer for assistance) National Eagle Scout Association
View Record  973 D27 fab 101 Brick Wall Busters: Solutions To Overcome Your Genealogical Challenges Family Tree Magazine
View Record  974 X2c 1671 Census of the Delaware Craig, Peter Stebbins
View Record  976.8 Xw2f 1770-1790 Census of the Cumberland Settlements" Davidson, Sumner and Tennessee Counties (In What is Now Tennessee) Fulcher, Richard Carlton
View Record  974.62/W2 H2r 1775, Wethersfield Enters the Revolution Reynolds, Ronna L.
View Record  974.62/W2 H2rr 1776-1783, Wethersfield in the Revolution Reynolds, Ronna L.
View Record  975.2 X2p 1778 1778 Census of Maryland Carothers, Bettie Stirling
View Record  975.5725 H25p* 1782 Tithables Washington County, Virginia
View Record  975.2 R4c v.1 1783 Tax List of Maryland Part I: Cecil, Talbot, Harford and Calvert Counties Carothers, Bettie
View Record  974.882 X2zk 1783 tax lists and the 1790 federal census for Washington County, Pennsylvania Zinsser, Katherine K.; Bell, Raymond Martin
View Record  977.197 X2w 1820 1820 Athens County, Ohio Census Whiteman, Jane
View Record  976.2 X2g 1820 Census of Mississippi Gillis, Norman E.
View Record  977.2 X2he 1820 Federal Census for Indiana Heiss, Willard C.
View Record  977.197 X2w 1830 1830 Athens County, Ohio Census Whiteman, Jane
View Record  976.4 X2wh 1830 Citizens of Texas: A Genealogy of Anglo-American and Mexican Citizens Taken from Census and Other Records White, Clifford E.
View Record  977.197 X2w 1850 1850 Athens County, Ohio Census Whiteman, Jane
View Record  975.26 X28r 1860 Census of Baltimore City, 1st and 2nd Wards Reamy, Bill and Martha
View Record  975.682 X2p 1860 1860 Census, Wilkes County, North Carolina Moore,┬áR. Ivey; Sebastian, Samuel; Absher, W. O., Mrs.
View Record  977.896 X2ew 1868 1868 State Census Cape Girardeau County Missouri Eddleman, Bill
View Record  977.896 X2k 1876 1876 State Census Cape Girardeau County Missouri Cape Girardeau Genealogical Society
View Record  976.6 X2e v.1 1900 1900 U. S. Census of the Cherokee Indian Nation, Indian Territory Volume 1 Ellsworth, Carol & Emler, Sue
View Record  977.138 H2a 19th Century Voices of Trumbull County, Ohio 2nd edition Allison, Grave Calvin
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Records: 251 to 300 of 3394