Southern Arizona Genealogy Society
State of Arizona
Land acquired through the 1854 Gadsden Purchase, between the United States and Mexico, defined the southern most portion of Arizona.
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  929.273 C239w A Castle in Fairyland: and Other Stories of the Carson Family and their Mansions Worthen, Evelyn Shuster
View Record  977.761 H2cvdt A Celebration of Our Past: A Pictorial History of Benton County, Iowa The Cedar Valley Times
View Record  977.567 J2r Index A Centennial History of the Manitowoc County School Districts and its Public School System 1848-1948, An Index Amato, Claire
View Record  977.567 J2r A Centennial History of the Manitowoc County School Districts and Public School System Rappel, Jos. J.
View Record  974.7 V2lp A Collection of New York State Vital Records
View Record  975.7 W2 A Compilation of the Original Lists of Protestant Immigrants to South Carolina, 1763-1773 Revill, Janie
View Record  929.6 F23f A Complete Guide to Heraldry Fox-Davies, A. D.; Brooke-Little, J. P.
View Record  941.5 H2ob A Concise History of Ireland O'Brien, Máire; O'Brien, Conor Cruise
View Record  976.7 F2L A Corner of the Tapestry, A History of the Jewish Experience in Arkansas, 1820s-1990s LeMaster, Carolyn Gray
View Record  971 F2wd v.1 A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada Before Confederation volume 1 Whyte, Donald
View Record  942 D54d A Directory of British Peerages Leeson, Francis L.
View Record  929.273 J636r A Family Album (Lineage of Lyndon Baines Johnson) Johnson, Rebekah Baines
View Record  929.273 R184rt A Family Remembered: The Family of Hans Peter Rasmussen and Anna Maria Andersen Tribe, Jeneal and Richardson, Helen
View Record  929.273 C813cL v.2 A Family Study - Descendants of Jesse and Polly (Chase) Corless and David and Ann (Clark) Brooks : Book II Corless, Lee Myron; Corless, Mae Elizabeth Brinkman
View Record  929.273 C813cL v.1 A Family Study - Descendants of Jesse and Polly (Chase) Corless and David and Ann (Clark) Brooks: Bk I Corless, Lee Myron; Corless, Mae Elizabeth Brinkman
View Record  974.5 N22u* A Finding Aid for Rhode Island Town Records : in Arnold's Vital Record of Rhode Island, Beaman's Rhode Island Vital Records: New Series, and the Rhode Island Genealogical Register Ullmann, Helen Schatvet
View Record  921.73 P651w A Founding Family: The Pinckneys of South Carolina Williams, Frances Leigh
View Record  977.3 E5p A Gazetteer of Illinois Peck, J. M.
View Record  975 E5g A Gazetteer of Maryland and Delaware Gannett, Henry
View Record  942 E3g A Genealogical Atlas of England and Wales Gardner, David Ensign; Harland, Derek; Smith, Frank
View Record  942 E5g A Genealogical Gazetteer of England: An Alphabetical Dictionary of Places With Their Location, Ecclesiastical jurisdiction, population, and The Date of The Earliest Entry in The Registers of Every Ancient Parish in England Smith, Frank
View Record  943 D27j v.2 A Genealogical Handbook of German Research v. 2 Jensen, Larry O.
View Record  943 D27j v.1 A Genealogical Handbook of German Research, Beginning Research Jensen, Larry O.
View Record  929.273 B459he A Genealogical History of the Berrein Family Heiss, Elizabeth Renee
View Record  929.273 P335pe A Genealogical History of the Descendants of Joshua Peck of Jay, New York Peck, Joseph A
View Record  974 D2f A Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New England Farmer, John
View Record  974.61/L1 D2w A Genealogical Register of the Inhabitants of the Town of Litchfield, Conn. : From the Settlement of the Town, A.D. 1720 to the year 1800 Woodruff, George Catlin
View Record  942 D27mp A Genealogist's Guide To Discovering Your English Ancestors-How To Find And Record Your Unique Heritage Milner, Paul and Jonas, Linda
View Record  973 D27cg A Genealogist's Guide To Discovering Your Immigrant & Ethnic Ancestors: How to find and record your unique heritage Anderson,  S. Chris; Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo, CG
View Record  945 D27nL A Genealogist's Guide To Discovering Your Italian Ancestors: How to Find and Record Your Unique Heritage Nelson, Lynn
View Record  973 V3s A Graveyard Preservation Primer Strangstad, Lynette
View Record  977 D27kj A Guide to Chicago and Midwestern Polish-American Genealogy Second Edition Kruski, Jason
View Record  975.2 D27m A Guide to Genealogical Research in Maryland : Fifth Edition Peden, Henry C.
View Record  977.589 H22g A guide to History of Walworth County, Wisconsin Gates, William A.; Gates, Charlotte L.; Reinke, Doris M
View Record  956.94 D27s A Guide to Jewish Genealogical Research In Israel Sack, Sallyann Amdur
View Record  975.7 A3ss A Guide to Local Government Records in the South Carolina Archives South Carolina. Department of Archives and History
View Record  974.4 V37L A guide to Massachusetts Cemeteries Lambert, David Allen
View Record  941.94 D27f A Guide to Tracing your Limerick Ancestors Franklin, Margaret
View Record  940 H2ho v.7 A History of East Central Europe v.7 - The Lands Of Partitioned Poland 1795-1918 Wandycz, Piotr S
View Record  978.1 H2p A History of Kansas
View Record  974.182/L1 H2e A History of Lewiston, Maine : With a Genealogical Register of Early Families Elder, Janus Granville; Young, David Colby; Young, Elizabeth Keene
View Record  976.2 H2hj A History of Mississippi from the Discovery of the Great River by Hernando DeSoto Including the Earliest Settlement Made by the French, under Iberville to the Death of Jefferson Davis Lowry, Robert and McCardle, William H.
View Record  973 F23kw A History of Multicultural America Katz, William Loren
View Record  943 D5kh A History of Prussia Koch, H. W.
View Record  975.6332* A History of Red Springs (Robeson County), North Carolina Bullock, Beatrice McEachern; McMillan, Cornelia
View Record  973 K2n A History of the Amish Nolt, Steven M.
View Record  942 H21b A History of the British Isles Black, Jeremy
View Record  974.8 H2phw A History of the German Society of Pennsylvania : Bicentenary Edition Pfund, Harry W
View Record  956.94 H2gs A History of the Jews: From the Babylonian Exile to the Present Grayzel, Solomon
View Record  974.44 H2s A History of the Town of Concord : Middlesex County, Massachusetts, from its Earliest Settlement to 1832; and of the Adjoining towns, Bedford, Acton, Lincoln, and Carlisle Shattuck, Lemuel
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Records: 201 to 250 of 3533