Southern Arizona Genealogy Society
State of Arizona
Land acquired through the 1854 Gadsden Purchase, between the United States and Mexico, defined the southern most portion of Arizona.
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  973 F23kw *NEW* A History of Multicultural America Katz, William Loren
View Record  974.461 D27L *NEW* A Researcher's Guide to Boston Lainhart, Ann S.
View Record  973 M23hs *NEW* A Splendid Little War: The Spanish-American War, 1898 Harrington, Peter and Sharf, Frederic A.
View Record  929.103 Sp37a *NEW* Abbreviations & Acronyms: A Guide for Family Historians Sperry, Kip
View Record  948.1 H6L *NEW* Across the Deep Blue Sea: The Saga of Early Norwegians Immigrants from Norway to America through the Canadian Gateway Lovoll, Odd S.
View Record  973 J54d *NEW* America's Best Genealogy Resource Centers Dollarhide, Wiilliam E.; Bremer, Ronald A.
View Record  973 E7sr* *NEW* American Expansion: A Book of Maps Sale, Randall D.; Karn, Edwin D.
View Record  973 P4n* *NEW* American Naturalization Processes and Procedures 1790-1985 Newman John J.
View Record  973 E22a *NEW* American Place Names of Long Ago: A Republicaton of the Index to Cram's Unrivaled Atlas of the World as Based on the Census of 1890 Bahn, Gilbert S.
View Record  974 E7e copy 2 *NEW* An Atlas of Appalachian Trails to the Ohio River copy 2 (lying flat on north wall bookcase) Eldridge, Carrie
View Record  973 E7ea *NEW* An Atlas of German Migration and America Eldridge, Carrie
View Record  974 E7ec copy2 *NEW* An Atlas of Northern Trails Westward from New England copy 2 (flat on shelf in north wall bookcase) Eldridge, Carrie
View Record  973 E7gi *NEW* Atlas of American History Gilbert, Martin
View Record  973 X23dw v.1 *NEW* Census Substitutes & State Census Records Volume 1 - Eastern States Dollarhide, Wiilliam E.
View Record  974.461 J53c v.I *NEW* Circulating Library Catalog Volume I: Genealogies New England Historic Genealogical Society
View Record  974.461 J53c v.II *NEW* Circulating Library Catalog Volume II: Histories and Research Aides New England Historic Genealogical Society
View Record  974.6 H23c *NEW* Connecticut: A Bibliography of Its History Parks, Roger
View Record  974.6 D27m *NEW* Connecting to Connecticut Morrison, Betty Jean
View Record  929.273 H542he *NEW* Dear Ella and Tom ... Hilbert Family Genealogy Herring, Ellen
View Record  417.7 M662d *NEW* Deciphering Handwriting in German Documents: Analyzing German, Latin and French in Vital Records Written in Germany Minert, Roger P.
View Record  973 U2ft *NEW* Discover Your Family's Occupations: The Essential Guide to Tracing Your Working Ancestors Family Tree Magazine
View Record  974 V3m *NEW* Epitaphs to Remember: Remarkable Inscriptions from New England Gravestones Greene, Janet
View Record  929.102 F2s *NEW* Family History for the Older and Wiser: Find Your Roots with Online Tools Fifer, Susan
View Record  929.1028 EL57f *NEW* Finding Anyone Anywhere Anywhen: Techniques for Using the Internet to Locate People Who Lived During Any Century in the Past, as well as How to Find People Living Today - Anywhere in the World. Elliot, Noel Montgomery
View Record  974.71 D27bj *NEW* Finding Your Irish Ancestors in New York City Buggy, Joseph
View Record  941.5 D27od *NEW* Finding Your Irish Ancestors: A Beginners Guide Ouimette, David S.
View Record  973 E7of *NEW* Fire Insurance Maps: Their History and Applications Oswald, Diane L.
View Record  929.273 F761fch *NEW* Foresman - Forsman Descendants of Robert Forsman and Jane All, Second Edition with Supplement Foresman, Charles H.
View Record  929.11812 D26s *NEW* Genealogical Encyclopedia of the Colonial Americas: A Complete Digest of the Records of All the Countries of the Western Hemisphere Schaefer, Christina K.
View Record  433.21 T352g *NEW* German English Genealogical Dictionary Thode, Ernest
View Record  942 X27ft *NEW* Get Started With Census Research (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales) Your Family Tree magazine
View Record  973 H2pru *NEW* Handbook for Research in American History: A Guide to Bibliographies and Other Reference Works Prucha, Francis Paul
View Record  973 H2rr *NEW* Handy Railroad Atlas of the United States: Shows and Identifies All U.S. Railroads with Mileage Between Key Points and Kinds of Services Offered (on oversize books shelf) Rand, McNally & Co.
View Record  973 E3be *NEW* Historical Atlas of the American West (on oversize books shelf) Beck, Warren A. and Haase, Ynez D.
View Record  929.273 K281ke *NEW* History of the Keller Family Keller, Eli
View Record  929.1 D2s *NEW* Honoring Our Ancestors: Inspiring Stories of the Quest for our Roots Smolenyak, Megan Smolenyak
View Record  973 A3ni *NEW* Immigrant & Passenger Arrivals: A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications National Archives and Records Administration
View Record  929.1 Sm77i *NEW* In Search of Our Ancestors:101 Inspiring Stories of Serendipity and Connection in Rediscovering our Family History Smolenyak, Megan
View Record  975.8 S2m *NEW* Index To Georgia Wills Austin, Jeanette Holland
View Record  941.5 D4em *NEW* Irish Families: Their Names, Arms and Origins MacLysaght, Edward
View Record  974 H2ee *NEW* Letters from New England: the Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1629-1638 Emerson, Everett H
View Record  974.6 D24g *NEW* Links to Your Connecticut Past Gagné, Peter J.
View Record  974.4 D24g *NEW* Links to Your Massachusetts Past Gagné, Peter J.
View Record  974.45 V2s *NEW* Lost Babes: Fornication Abstracts from Court Records, Essex County, Massachusetts, 1692 to 1745 Sanborn, Melinde Lutz
View Record  974.57 U2L *NEW* Mallet & Chisel: Gravestone Carvers of Newport, Rhode Island, in the 18th century Luti, Vincent F
View Record  929.3 H192q *NEW* Mastering Immigration & Naturalization Records: Learn How to Locate These Critical Records and What To Do Once You've Found Them Quillen, W. Daniel
View Record  973 M27r *NEW* Military Bounty Land 1776-1855 Rose, Christine
View Record  973 M2rm *NEW* Military pension laws, 1776-1858: From the Journals of the Continental Congress and the United States Statutes-at-large Rose, Christine
View Record  972.981 X2oc *NEW* Omitted Chapters from Hottens: Original Lists of Persons of Quality Ouimette, David S.
View Record  974.45/S1 V3b* *NEW* Our Silent Neighbors: A Study of Gravestones in the Old Salem Area Bouchard, Betty J.
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Records: 201 to 250 of 3227