Southern Arizona Genealogy Society
State of Arizona
Land acquired through the 1854 Gadsden Purchase, between the United States and Mexico, defined the southern most portion of Arizona.
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  770 D2da American Victorian Costume in Early Photographs Dalrymple, Priscilla Harris
View Record  973 P27ca American Wills Proved in London, 1611-1775 Coldham, Peter Wilson
View Record  973 H6sja Americans of 1776 Daily life in Revolutionary America Schouler, James
View Record  973.26 M2me Amherst papers, 1756-1763: the southern sector: Dispatches from South Carolina, Virginia, and His Majesty's Superintendent of Indian Affairs Mays, Edith
View Record  976.224 D4c v. 1 Amite County, Mississippi, 1699-1865 Casey, Albert E.
View Record  974 E7e * An Atlas of Appalachian Trails to the Ohio River Eldridge
View Record  974 E7ec * An Atlas of Northern Trails Westward from New England Eldridge, Carrie
View Record  929.273 B851b An Historical and Genealogical Essay Upon the Family and Surname of Buchanan Buchanan, William of Auchmar
View Record  977.2 P42a An Index to Indiana Naturalization Records in Pre-1907 Order Books of Indiana County Courts Indiana Historical Society
View Record  973 D22k An Index to Some of the Family Records of the Southern States Kirkham, E. Kay
View Record  025.84 T883o An Ounce of Preservation : A Guide to the Care of Papers and Photographs Tuttle, Craig A
View Record  929.273 R218r Ancestors & Descendents of My Raymoure, Hubbell, Franklin, Osborne Grandparents Raymoure, Dorothy
View Record  929.273 H742c Ancestors and Descendents of John and Isabel Holt Cooper, Albert L, M.D.
View Record  973 D2r 1989 Ancestors of American Presidents Roberts, Gary Boyd; Otto, Julie Helen
View Record  973 D27wj Ancestors: A Beginners Guide to Family History & Genealogy Willard, Jim & Terry; Wilson, Jane
View Record  975.274 D2hcgs v.5* Ancestral Charts, V. 5, The Harford County Genealogical Society, Special Publication No. 33 Harford County Genealogical Society
View Record  973 D2cd 1994 v.2 Ancestral Records and Portraits Colonial Dames of America
View Record  974 D2w 2004 Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America Before 1700 : Lineages from Alfred the Great, Charlemagne, Malcolm of Scotland, Robert the Strong, and other Historical individuals Weis, Frederick Lewis; Sheppard, Walter Lee; Beall, William R.; Beall, Kaleen E.
View Record  974 D2w 1988 Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists Who Came to New England Between 1623 and 1650 – 6th Edition Weis, Frederick Lewis
View Record  942 D27hm 2004 Ancestral Trails - The Complete Guide to British Genealogy and Family History, Second Edition Herber, Mark
View Record  929.273 Or2s Ancestry of Samuel Blanchard Ordway Smith, Dean Crawford
View Record  929.103 H242c Ancestry's Concise Genealogical Dictionary Harris, Maurine & Glen
View Record  973 D27cj Ancestry's Guide to Research : Case Studies in American Genealogy Cerny, Johni; Eakle, Arlene
View Record  974.191 H2rw Ancient North Yarmouth & Yarmouth, Maine, 1636-1936 Rowe, William Hutchinson
View Record  975.591 H2w 1986 Annals of Augusta County, Virginia from 1726 to 1871 Second Edition 1902 Waddell, Jos. A.
View Record  942 H6mev * Annals of the Poor McLaughlin, Eve
View Record  970.1 H2eh Annals of the Susquehannocks and Other Tribes of Pennsylvania Eshleman, H. Frank
View Record  975.255 K28w Anne Arundel County Church records of the 17th and 18th centuries Wright, F. Edward
View Record  975.255 D2nh v.2 Anne Arundel Gentry: A Genealogical History of Some Early Families of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Volume Two Newman, Harry Wright
View Record  973.22 092b Anne Hutchinson: Troubler of the Puritan Zion Bremer, Francis J.
View Record  975 H2a Appalachia Revisited: How People Lived Fifty Years Ago Adams, Frazier B.
View Record  974.6 U2r Apprentices of Connecticut, 1637-1900 Ritter, Kathy A.
View Record  975.5 U2g Apprentices of Virginia, 1623-1800 Gill, Harold B.
View Record  975.576 N2s Archives of the Pioneers of Tazewell County, Virginia Schreiner-Yantis, Netti
View Record  973 A3sz Archives: A guide to the National Archives field branches Szucs, Loretto Dennis: Luebking, Sandra Hargreaves
View Record  979.1 H2t Arizona : A panoramic history of a Frontier State Trimble, Marshall
View Record  979.177 V42n Arizona Death Records, Index for Pima County, 1989-1990 Negley, Floyd Rollin
View Record  979.1 D27sb Arizona Genealogical and Historical Research Guide: Early sources for Southern Arizona: Including Cochise, Pima, Pinal, and Santa Cruz counties Salyer, Barbara Baldwin; Banowit, Jean Powell
View Record  973 C4jo Arizona Society of the National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century Ancestor Roster as of 1 May 2013 Jones, Betsy Phillips
View Record  Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California, The Making of America, The Southwest (Map Box) National Geographic Society
View Record  Arizona; Pima County; Esperanza Mill Quadrangle (Map Box) United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey
View Record  Arizona; Pima County; Green Valley Quadrangle (Map Box) United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey
View Record  Arizona; Pima County; Mt. Hopkins (Map Box) United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey
View Record  976.7 X22ar 1840 Arkansas 1840 Census Index Jackson, Ronald Vern; Teeples, Gary Ronald; Schaefermeyer, David
View Record  976.7 X2pa 1850 Arkansas 1850 Census Index (available by request) Jackson, Ronald Vern & Teeples, Gary Ronald
View Record  976.7 X22jar 1860 Arkansas 1860 Census Index (available by request) Jackson, Ronald Vern
View Record  973.2 M2Ld Arms for empire; a military history of the British colonies in North America,1607-1763 Leach, Douglas Edward
View Record  970 P4g Association oath rolls of the British Plantations (New York, Virginia, etc.) A.D. 1696 Gandy, Wallace
View Record  977.197 D3s Athens County (Ohio) Family History 1987 Schumacher, Beverly; Bowman, Mary L.
View Record  977.197 V3sb Athens County, Ohio Cemeteries Schumacher, Beverly
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Records: 201 to 250 of 2353